Fly Smart!
H W Davis
  • Discharging fireworks on Independence Day

    Since 1941, fireworks that fly or explode have been illegal in Florida.  But, in the 2020 Legislative Session, State Senator Travis Hutson introduced Senate Bill 140 which passed and was signed by Governor Ron DeSantis, allowing the safe discharge of fireworks on three “designated holidays”.

    Historic City News learned that § 791.08, Florida Statutes, provides an exemption for the discharge of fireworks solely and exclusively during a designated holiday including (a) New Year’s Day, January 1st; (b) Independence Day, July 4th; or (c) New Year’s Eve, December 31st.

    The Division of the State Fire Marshal within the Florida Department of Financial Services is responsible to adopt rules for the administration of the Act.  Homeowner Associations are specifically prohibited from creating rules in conflict with the Act; however, the Act is not intended to supersede any local governmental regulation relating to the use of fireworks.  For example, St Johns County prohibits the discharge of fireworks on county beaches.

    As a courtesy to your neighbors, the St Johns County Sheriff’s Office suggests that you let them know that you are planning to discharge fireworks with report.  Panicky pets may react to the sound of explosions and flashes of light, and some people suffering from health issues may also be affected.

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