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H W Davis
  • There are 58 deaths attributed to Hurricane Ian with 5 in the 7th Judicial Circuit

    Dana Kelly, the spokesperson for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement Office of Public Information, confirmed for Historic City News that Florida district medical examiners are reporting hurricane deaths across the state now total 58, with 5 of those being confirmed in the 7th Judicial Circuit.  St Johns County has so far been spared from the death toll, as has Putnam and Flagler.

    The Florida Medical Examiners Commission in Tallahassee, staffed by members of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, has reported that 5 deaths have occurred in Volusia County attributable to Hurricane Ian, following an autopsy to confirm each death was storm-related.

    Cases submitted to the Commission by district medical examiners in Florida included deaths in Collier (3), Hendry (1), Hillsborough (1), Lake (1), Manatee (2), Sarasota (3), and Volusia (5) counties.  The county with the highest loss of life attributable to Hurricane Ian is Lee County with 42 confirmed dead.

    The update provided Sunday was complete as of October 2, 2022. However, Kelly said to expect additional updates to be provided from the Florida Medical Examiners Commission as they come in.

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