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Constitution Revision Commission in Jacksonville April 27

April 25, 2017

Florida’s Constitution Revision Commission will spend the next roughly 14 months traveling the state listening to residents, identifying and researching issues.  No later than 120 days prior to the November 2018 elections, the Commission will recommend ballot language to the Secretary of State.


Tax collector provides wait time and check in from mobile devices

April 23, 2017

Want to ensure a shorter wait on your next visit for your driver license? Historic City News readers can now check the current wait-times at any office location of the St. Johns County Tax Collector when they visit and click on the Mobile Check-in icon.


Judge will have to agree public records lawsuits are proper

April 21, 2017

Florida has been the model by which other states have crafted their public records and open meetings laws.  “Government in the Sunshine” was the mandate of the citizens of this state, it is incorporated into the Florida Constitution as well as our state statutes.


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West Augustine brush fires threaten Prairie Lakes neighbors

by FJJohnson in Public Safety

Historic City News is monitoring City and County firefighters and emergency medical personnel on the scene this hour at what has been described as “a fast-moving brush fire” dangerously close to the neighborhood near North [...]

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