Leaderboard Website Display Ad (728×90)

$ 500.00


Publish your Leaderboard Website Display Ad (728×90) on Historic City News for any non-political purpose and your message will spread like wildfire. Your advertisement is always fresh and instantaneous. It links your message directly to our audience at a click. Our display advertising is sold “run-of-site”, which means your ad appears across the entirety of our website, historiccity.com.  Full-color display advertisements, on every page, next to compelling, must-read articles.

It all happens automatically when you submit your Leaderboard Website Display Ad (728×90) to Historic City News, along with your first month’s payment of $300.00.  We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card, Amazon Pay, and PayPal to expedite the publication of your message.  You can cancel your future advertisements anytime, just continue to pay the month-to-month charges.  Your advertising will continue until canceled.  Seven-day notice of cancellation is required to avoid the next month’s charges.

Need help with your artwork?  No problem.  We will try to help you create a simple, effective advertisement, usually at no cost to you.  If there will be a charge to compose your ad, you will know before you are under any obligation.