~Holding Public Figures Accountable to the Public~

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  • Letter: House committee expects answers

    400-DeSantis-BPOE_5334Letter: House committee expects answers

    Congressman Ron DeSantis
    Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

    Dear Editor:

    Today, Attorney General Eric Holder testified before the House Judiciary Committee. My questions of the Attorney General focused on the following three issues: (more…)

  • Letter: Bicycles and cyclists

    300-HCN-H-L-WILESLetter: Bicycles and cyclists

    Herbie Wiles
    St Augustine, FL

    Dear Editor:

    We now see more and more bicycles on our streets. Bicycles could mean fewer cars as well, however our problem; most cyclists and some motorists do not understand the Florida bicycle laws contained in Chapter316 of the Florida Statutes. (more…)

  • Letter: Commission needs to listen to taxpayers

    300-ARPAIA-JAMES-SLetter: Commission needs to listen to taxpayers

    James S. Arpaia
    St Augustine, FL

    Dear Editor:

    The members of the Board of County Commissioners have obviously already made up their minds to build a 72,000 square-foot facility on their campus next to the “Taj Mahal”. (more…)

  • Letter: Don’t build Health and Human Services Center

    300-RANCOV-FLIPLetter: Don’t build Health and Human Services Center

    Randy Covington
    Member of the St Johns County Republican Assembly
    St Johns, FL

    Dear Editor:

    Why is it that the public has not been deemed worthy to receive the information used in constructing the proposed scenario for the St Johns County Health and Human Services Center? (more…)

  • Letter: Protect our open vista

    400-RAY-DOMINEYLetter: Protect our open vista

    Ray Dominey
    St Augustine, FL

    I am not a writer, but I strongly believe that the fence on the east end of the Bridge of Lions needs to be changed and I believe this is a cause worth spending my time and effort to do something about. (more…)

  • Guest Column: Proms, Parties and Alcohol

    BARTRAM-HS-DUI_2276Guest Column: Proms, Parties and Alcohol

    David B. Shoar, Sheriff
    St Johns County, FL

    We are fortunate in St. Johns County to have a wonderful population of young people. You often read of their many accomplishments in this publication. As we approach prom season and graduation I urge parents and all citizens to join with the law enforcement community to do everything we can to help keep our celebrating students safe. (more…)

  • Editorial: A new prayer for students

    ACROSS-MG-DESKAmerica’s moral compass has been taking a nosedive lately.

    Our high school students are not afforded the most basic of their constitutionally protected rights to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly because the overtly vocal minority may take offense. (more…)

  • Letter: Why we do what we do

    400-dewitt-pie-skyLetter: Why we do what we do

    Malea Moore Guiriba
    Pie in the Sky
    Hastings, Florida

    Dear Editor:

    When I stopped by Mrs. Dewitt’s house on Wednesday, I am not sure who was happier; the look on her face when she saw me through the screen door was warm and welcoming. I know I was smiling just as big as I could when I saw her come through that door. (more…)

  • Letter: The rest of the Picasso story

    Letter: The rest of the Picasso story

    Nancy Shaver
    St Augustine, FL

    Dear Editor:

    My purpose is quite simple. I think transparency in how the city spends its time and our money makes for better government — and following the money (or the numbers) usually aids in achieving that. (more…)

  • Letter: I cannot work for a city manager like this

    400-BUNNELL-DAN-DAVISLetter: I cannot work for a city manager like this

    Dan Davis
    Bunnell, FL

    Dear Editor:

    I resigned as City Clerk of the City of Bunnell tonight, because I can no longer work for a man like our City Manager Armando Martinez. (more…)

  • Editorial: Free exercise of religion

    ACROSS-MG-DESKCongress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. (more…)