Ronald Rawls is a racist aggressor with pure hatred for all Caucasians and NOT a man of God

June 2, 2020

Ronald Rawls in his own disturbed state of mind attempting to agitate black citizens to cause violence in peaceful neighborhoods and at peaceful businesses, unless they are black-owned.


Editorial: The pound of flesh will be paid

April 7, 2020

Because of the fact that St Johns County commissioners say they “lost faith” in former county administrator Michael Wanchick and his ability to effectively manage county staff, Wanchick was terminated by unanimous consent of The […]


Letter: Hair salons and barber shops should close too

March 26, 2020

Wendy CrosbySt Augustine, FL Dear Historic City News editor: Does anyone know if St Johns County and the city of Saint Augustine are going to close hair salons, barber shops, nail salons and tattoo shops? 


Preppers may be having their “I told you so” moment

March 17, 2020

For those in the often-mocked “prepper” community, this whole coronavirus pandemic is quickly becoming their “I told you so” moment. But according to an Associated Press report, many are resisting saying that, even if it’s […]

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