Letter: Salvage Fort Mose artifacts during Alcazar Gardens remodel

August 30, 2020

David NolanProud Life Member of the Fort Mose Historical SocietySt Augustine, FL Dear Historic City News subscribers: I would like to remind the community and members of the St Augustine Historic Architectural Review Board that […]


Letter: Vice Mayor should keep her word

August 5, 2020

H. K. EdgertonAsheville, NC Dear Historic City News editor: It broke my heart when I read that Vice Mayor Freeman, who made the deciding vote to take down the confederate soldier’s memorial, said that if […]


Why We Fight

August 4, 2020

Luis MiguelSt Augustine, FL Special to Historic City News My friends, we did not start this fight, but we intend to finish it. Contrary to what the media would have people believe, we are not […]


Endorsement: St Johns County Sheriff

July 19, 2020

It has been 16-years since we made an endorsement for this important constitutional officer and over that time our volunteer editorial board has paid attention to the current officeholder so we could be prepared when […]


Letter: To the People of St Augustine

July 10, 2020

HK EdgertonAsheville, NC Dear Historic City News: I am heartsick to hear that the City of St. Augustine has voted to remove the Solder’s Cenotaph in the historic Plaza de la Constitucion and that the […]


Letter: Face mask rule debacle

June 28, 2020

Letter: Face mask rule debacleBill Nesbitt St Augustine, FL Dear Historic City News editor: How is it that the bright minds elected to our city and county commissions are either too clueless or disconnected from […]

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