Letter: To the People of St Augustine

July 10, 2020

HK EdgertonAsheville, NC Dear Historic City News: I am heartsick to hear that the City of St. Augustine has voted to remove the Solder’s Cenotaph in the historic Plaza de la Constitucion and that the […]


Letter: Face mask rule debacle

June 28, 2020

Letter: Face mask rule debacleBill Nesbitt St Augustine, FL Dear Historic City News editor: How is it that the bright minds elected to our city and county commissions are either too clueless or disconnected from […]


Editorial: The pound of flesh will be paid

April 7, 2020

Because of the fact that St Johns County commissioners say they “lost faith” in former county administrator Michael Wanchick and his ability to effectively manage county staff, Wanchick was terminated by unanimous consent of The […]

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