Defense lawyers say proposed bill is attack on the First Amendment and the right to assemble

January 17, 2021

The Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers informed local Historic City News reporters that they oppose legislation urged by Gov. Ron DeSantis addressing “affrays, riots, routs, and unlawful assemblies” as a too broad an attack […]


Editorial: You never surrender to terrorists

September 6, 2020

These were the direct threats made by Ronald Rawls Jr, aimed at the elected officials of the City of St Augustine and its city manager.  Instead of tapping him out right then and there, without […]


Letter: Vice Mayor should keep her word

August 5, 2020

H. K. EdgertonAsheville, NC Dear Historic City News editor: It broke my heart when I read that Vice Mayor Freeman, who made the deciding vote to take down the confederate soldier’s memorial, said that if […]


Why We Fight

August 4, 2020

Luis MiguelSt Augustine, FL Special to Historic City News My friends, we did not start this fight, but we intend to finish it. Contrary to what the media would have people believe, we are not […]

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