Editorial: Thin-skinned sheriff afraid to be “roasted”

April 21, 2017

When you think of the man or woman who leads from the front of the county’s primary law enforcement agency, the person citizens depend on to protect them from hardened criminals and life threatening emergencies, you would like to think you are counting on someone unafraid of the dangers inherent in the job of sheriff. […]


Guest: No longer a story about a small beach community

April 6, 2017

By Lance Thate, Chairman Saint Augustine Tea Party Special to Historic City News While the thunder roared and the rain poured outside, another storm raged inside at the regularly scheduled Monday night commission meeting of the City of St Augustine Beach on April 3, 2017.


Letter: Giggling Gator letter could have been edited

March 24, 2017

John P. Regan Jr Oklahoma City, OK Dear Historic City News Editor: I’m writing this letter in response to a recently published letter to the editor, “Bad experience at Giggling Gator” – published March 22, 2017.


Letter: Bad experience at Giggling Gator

March 22, 2017

Katie Christiansen Winter Park, FL Dear Historic City News editor: On Sunday afternoon, March 12, 2017, my girlfriend and I went to this bar because we were looking for things to do in St. Augustine and we love to find little bars off-the-beaten-path.


Free shuttle service: lessons (NOT) learned

March 18, 2017

Michael Gold, Editor HISTORIC CITY NEWS Last week the City of St Augustine distributed a press release announcing “free” shuttle service and parking for the public on the first three Saturdays in April. Historic City News readers know that there is no “free lunch” — especially under the current administration at City Hall. And, as […]


Letter: Ask legislators to limit Florida lobbyists

March 15, 2017

Dennis McDonald Flagler County FL Dear Historic City News editor: This year our new Speaker of the Florida House Richard Corcoran brought in on his own initiative, the ability for Floridians to gain eye witness to the inner sanctum of the Florida lobbyist pay to play world in Tallahassee legislation.

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