Public Safety

West Augustine brush fires threaten Prairie Lakes neighbors

April 25, 2017

Historic City News is monitoring City and County firefighters and emergency medical personnel on the scene this hour at what has been described as “a fast-moving brush fire” dangerously close to the neighborhood near North Prairie Lakes Drive.

Public Safety

May 5 deadline for comments on Anastasia Entry Corridor

April 23, 2017

Historic City News readers interested in commenting on revisions to the Anastasia Boulevard Entry Corridor Standards need to respond to City Project Planner Amy Skinner by e-mail at before the Friday May 5, 2017 deadline.

Public Safety

Man o’ War more dangerous than jellyfish

April 15, 2017

Weather for the Easter Weekend will be cooperating, offering many opportunities to enjoy our many miles of open beaches; however, Historic City News was informed that St Johns County Marine Rescue is responding to an increased number of calls dealing with swimmers who have sustained severely painful and potentially dangerous Portuguese Man o’ War stings.

Public Safety

Teens captured after escape from Hastings Youth Academy

April 7, 2017

Four inmates from the Hastings Youth Academy overpowered an elderly guard, took his keys and radio, then made their escape by jumping over the rear perimeter fence of the detention facility early this morning, according to a media release obtained by Historic City News.

Public Safety

Can a Historic City News reader identify this man?

April 6, 2017

St Johns County Deputy Justin Cash is investigating a complaint by a customer of a local Beall’s department store alleging that a man in the dressing room area was using his cell phone to take pictures of female customers as they changed clothes.

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